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Took About 3 Weeks
Payment of $7,100

Hi Chad

Just wanted to let you know - just had my first successful job using your "hack" 

I had cleared page one of several negatives already but their was one still sitting at #3 that wouldn't budge 

It took about 3 weeks. 

It enabled the final payment of $7,100 to be released for the project. 

Now testing on two more jobs: 

1) completely new job 
2) job already running for about 6 weeks.

Just wanted to say "thanks Dude" for a great webby. 

David C

Ron, a Reputation Management Consultant says:
I Consider You to be the Best Marketing Systems Designer on this Planet!

I am absolutely in awe. Where do you get all of these ideas and figure things out and then teach them in such a way that any dope can understand? Even me!
You are a very exceptional human being Chad. You and your brother Seth are just flat out remarkable people! You have no idea how much you are helping people make money. I have been wanting to be a member of your flock for well over 2 years because even though no one told me about you and I didn't read anything about you or your brother, I just knew that if I really wanted to gain valuable insight and knowledge about how to make it on the net, you were the man. I just couldn't afford the cost.

And, I have not been disappointed in the least. Quite frankly, I've been overwhelmed and very surprised to learn things I could never ever imagined.

Chad, I have bought courses and software from people around the globe and some of these items from some pretty heavy hitters. But, they are just a drop in the bucket compared to what you teach and provide. I consider you to be the best marketing systems designer and developer there is on this planet. Bar none!

I will forever be grateful to both of you. Thanks guys.

-Ron Kilbreath

About Reputation Management…
Was a Must For Me
To Retain This Client

Even with 8 years in Online Marketing for clients and plenty of success in SEO for local clients I have hit some walls. I have mentors I have gone to before and had been following Chad  as well and with a couple simple questions about Reputation Management online it was clear Chad had some ideas & strategies in areas I was unsure of. So investing in the monthly coaching was a must for me to retain this client and keep my learning on the rise.
I received "more than expected" as the emails started to bounce back and forth between us. Chad didn't wait for me to ask questions all of the time either, he many times contacted me with a technique or information about client that I hadn't thought about. Like a coach is supposed to he doesn't do the work but he is right there as 1st line support and teaching. So much information via email I had my assistant arrange it all in a PDF for our Company to refer back to.

If your on the bubble to trying this service out, the sky's the limit on questions and Chad is a true Creative Warrior when it comes to answers,

- Jeff Schnurr
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